Our research group

  1. Past members

  1. Morgane Grivel, Master’s student.

  2. Yonatan Lopez, Master student, representing Mexico

  3. Tanmay Ghonge, Undergraduate intern, representing India.

  4. Anette Funfak, post-doc, representing Germany

  5. Nadia Vertti-Quintero, undergraduate researcher, representing Mexico.

  6. Hatem Ghanem, Master student, representing Egypt.

  7. Sungyon Lee, post-doc, representing the USA.

  8. Sruthy Godavarthi, undergraduate student, representing India.

  9. Yu Song, PhD student representing China.

  10. Serif Cagri Kayi, Master student, representing Turkey.

  11. Vijay Cheruvu, undergraduate student representing India.

  12. Amandine Hamel, Master's student representing California.

  13. Maria-Luisa Cordero Garrayar, PhD student (representing Chile).

  14. Michael Baudoin, post-doc (representing France).

  15. Herve Turlier, undergraduate (representing good times).

  16. Romain Lecaque, visiting scientist. Summer 2008.

  17. Prateek Agarwal, undergraduate student from IIT Kanpur. Summer 2008.

  18. Pierre-Thomas Brun, undergraduate student (representing planet Mars).

  19. Cedric Ody, PhD student (representing Brittany), 2004-2007.

  20. EmilieVerneuil, post-doc, 2006-2007.

  21. Simon Molesin, undergraduate student from Polytechnique, 2006-2007.

  22. Xin C. Wang, undergraduate student from MIT, summer 2007.

  23. Paul Reverdy, undergraduate student from U.C. Berkeley, summer 2006.

  24. Guillaume Boudarham, undergraduate student from ENS, summer 2006.

  25. Sabine Mengin, undergraduate student from ENS, summer 2005.

  26. Sedina Tsikata, undergraduate student (MIT then Polytechnique), summer 2004 then summer 2005.

  27. Samuel Lemaire, undergraduate student from ENS, summer 2004.

Our group consists of a few brilliant scientists. If you would like to join us, please see the opportunities page.

Sungyon’s farewell dinner, summer 2011, with Craig visiting from Dundee

Left to right: Craig, Hatem, Etienne, Charles, Nadia, Sungyon, Rémi, Paul, & Anette

  1. Current members

  2. Charles Baroud, PI

  3. Caroline Frot, Engineer

  4. Gabriel Amselem, post-doc

  5. Etienne Fradet, post-doc

  6. Sébastien Sart, post-doc

  7. Nicolas Taccoen, PhD student

  8. Raphael Tomasi, PhD student

  9. Cyprien Guermonprez, PhD Student

  10. Jean-Philippe Boucher, undergraduate student

  11. Lambert Dondin, undergraduate student

  12. Rémi Dangla, Stilla Technologies

  13. Magali Droniou, Stilla Technologies

  14. Clément Gay, Stilla Technologies

  15. Vincent Oustric, Stilla Technologies

It’s not easy to pose for a photographer. Left to right: Gabriel, Charles, Rémi, Nicolas, Etienne. Missing: Caroline and Tanmay. (photo: Jeremy Barande, E.P.)