My research focusses on hydrodynamics at interfaces and statistical physics of complex systems. I am particularly interested in surface waves, and economics and quantitative finance from a physical perspective.

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Job offers:
1. Postdoc: The onset of wind waves   
2. Master intern: Market-mediated Schelling dynamics   
3. Master intern: Endogenous instabilities in financial markets   
4. Master intern: Quantitative aesthetics – from statistical physics to pictural art  


Limit order book dynamics and mechanisms of market impact.

Waves and wakes

Gravity and capillary waves, ship wakes and wave resistance.

Liquid crystals

Topological defects in curved geometries, elastic interactions.

Biolocomotion at interfaces

Transport and control, from water striders to whirligig beetles.

Wetting and adhesion

Contact-line dynamics at the nanoscale.

Thin films

Thin-film equations, self-similarity and intermediate asymptotics.


Hydrodynamic slippage, visco-elasticity and surface mobility.

Porous media

Two-phase flows in chemically active porous media.