Camille Duprat

  1. Puce Research interests

Currently I am mostly interested in problems involving the coupling of capillary-driven and low Reynolds number flows and elastic structures, especially from an experimental point of view.

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Assistant Professor / Maître de conférences (EP/X)

LadHyX - Ecole Polytechnique

Palaiseau, France

  1. Puce News

  1. Congratulations to Romain Labbé for winning a prize for his outstanding presentation on Mist harvesting with vertical fibers at ICTAM 2016 !

  1. The book Fluid-Structure Interactions in Low-Reynolds-Number Flows is now available here.

  1. Our paper Capillary stretching of fibers has been selected to be included in the EPL Highlights of 2015 !

  1. Read some news about our project Mist Collector

  1. Puce Contact

LadHyX - Ecole polytechnique

91128 Palaiseau Cedex


Tel: (+33) 1 69 33 52 57

camille.duprat *at*

In front of the peak Polytechnique, 4241 m (and the peak Tchapdara, 5049 m). Fann Mountains, Tadjikistan.