The aim of the present workshop is to gather theorists, experimentalists and applied mathematicians working on wave interactions and turbulence with a broad range of expertise.

The conference will start after a welcome buffet on monday december 17th and will end after the lunch of wednesday december 19th. Informations will be posted regularly on this website.

Registration is free but mandatory at:

List of speakers:

Luca Biferale (Roma) "Inverse and direct cascades in rotating turbulence"
Claude Cambon (Lyon) "High Reynolds statistical modelling of wave-vortex interactions, from gravity waves to acoustic ones"
Sergio Chibbaro (Paris) "An old problem from a new angle: FPU and anharmonic chains with wave turbulence"
Jean-Marc Chomaz (Palaiseau) "Destabilization of triadic resonance of a finite amplitude gravity wave in the ocean"
Pierre-Philippe Cortet (Orsay) "Inertial waves and rotating turbulence. Some experiments."
Thierry Dauxois (Lyon) "Energy cascade in internal wave attractors"
Berengère Dubrulle (Saclay) "Intermittency and singularities"
Miguel Escobedo (Bilbao) "Analytical approach to the dynamics of condensed Bose gases: the three-excitation collision term."
Eric Falcon (Paris) "Hypergravity wave turbulence"
Stephan Fauve (Paris) "Statistical physics of large scales in turbulence: a method to describe bifurcations between turbulent regimes"
Sébastien Galtier (Palaiseau) "Gravitational wave turbulence in the primordial universe"
Özgur Gürcan (Palaiseau) "Waves and turbulence in fusion plasmas"
Giorgio Krstulovic (Nice) "A Kolmogorov spectrum for thin elastic plates"
Sergei Kuksin (Paris) "Quasi-solutions for the NLS equation and the wave kinetic equation for them under the wave turbulence limit"
Agnes Maurel (Paris) "Propagation of water waves over structured ridges"
Pablo Mininni (Buenos Aires) "Dispersion of Lagrangian particles by waves and eddies in turbulent flows"
Frédéric Moisy (Orsay) "Turbulent windprint on a liquid surface"
Nicolas Mordant (Grenoble) "Weak turbulence of surface gravity waves: role of bound waves"
Sergey Nazarenko (Nice) "Selfsimilar evolution of wave spectra"
Alan Newell (Tucson) "Open challenges in wave turbulence"
Miguel Onorato (Torino) "Anomalous correlators in the \beta-FPUT model"
Antonio Picozzi (Dijon) "Acceleration of condensation mediated by disorder in multimode optical fibers"
Yves Pomeau (Palaiseau) "Intermittency in turbulence and singular solutions: the case of flows at large Reynolds number"
Davide Proment (Norwich) "Direct energy cascade in the two-dimensional Gross-Pitaesvkii model"

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